萨科微半导体产品线日益丰富,目前可用于工业军工产品有:碳化硅SiC二极管、碳化硅SiC MOS管、IGBT等,广泛应用在新能源汽车、通讯设备、电力设备、太阳能光伏、UPS电源、医疗设备等领域;民用级消费类产品有:可控硅、桥堆、高中低压MOS管、霍尔HALL传感器、高速光耦、肖特基二极管、静电保护ESD二极管、瞬态抑制TVS二极管、通用二极管、三极管、电源管理IC等,广泛应用在智能手机、手提电脑、智能机器人、智慧家电、LED照明、3C数码产品等领域。萨科微将推出更多的产品,为客户提供更全面更优质的服务。


Company Introduction: 

Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. is specialized in power devices, and it takes root in China to serve the world. Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. has developed from a pure IP design company to a high-tech enterprise integrating design, production and sales. SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. aspires to be the "leader of power devices in China" and the exclusive "SLKOR" brand is gaining reputation in the semiconductor industry.

SlkorMicro Semicon products are increasingly abundant. They can be used in industrial and military products. Examples include: silicon carbide SiC diodes, silicon carbide SiC MOS tubes, IGBTs, etc., which are widely used in new energy vehicles, communication equipment, electric power equipment, solar photovoltaic, UPS power supply, medical equipment, etc.; civil consumer products include: SCRs, bridge stacks, high and low voltage MOS tubes, Hall HALL sensors, high-speed optocouplers, Schottky diodes, electrostatic protection ESD diodes, transient suppression TVS diodes, general-purpose diodes, transistors, power management ICs, etc., which are widely used in smart phones, laptops, intelligent robots, smart home appliances, LED lighting, 3C digital products and other fields. SLKOR will develop more products and provide more comprehensive and better services to our customers.

SlkorMicro Semicon Co. is a professional company because of its focus, and trustworthy because of its expertise. SLKOR, because of the focus, so professional; because of professional, so trustworthy. SlkorMicro Semicon Co. is determined to forge ahead, pay close attention to the details of quality, and it takes the market trends as the guide and customer satisfaction as the result to create value continuously. In the brand building of "SLKOR", it aims to create value for customers and the ecosystem, to win trust, to develop synergy, to pursue not only brand popularity, to take into account the satisfaction of employees and customers, and to continuously improve the reputation of the " SLKOR" brand. Riding on the booming development of "domestic substitution of imported products" for semiconductors. With the mission of building a strong company and a strong chip industry and a great country, SLKOR expects to contribute to the strength of China's chip industry and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!